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We build


Fostering connections is in our DNA. We approach solutions as integrated systems that work seamlessly.


We leverage the individual expertise of our Foodytek family to deliver the best technology and customer experience.


We intend to become the brand reference for contactless payment devices

Meet the team

Davide Marianilinkedin

Mix of European experience with American ingenuity

Nicola Granatella

Bridges the legacy hardware knowledge with innovation

Matteo Natale linkedin

Deeply curious and constantly challenging status quo

Alessandro Zanolalinkedin

Dynamic and meticulous mix of analytical and intuitive

How we got started

We set out to revolutionise the way people think about vending machines. Specifically, we aimed to create an intelligent refrigerator called "Polar" that could provide nutritious and fresh food options in workplaces. However, during the project's development, we discovered an unexpected benefit that surpassed our initial expectations. A star was born.